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Over the past 25 years we’ve been passionately dedicated to growing the best and most delicious mushrooms you can eat, thanks to the tradition passed on to us by our father, William Codd on our family farm in Co. Carlow.

We know what it takes to make the finest quality mushrooms. As well as growing top quality food in a responsible and ethical way, we care about our environment. We now provide some of our electricity using wind turbines and heat our premises using wood chip; no oil. We’re planning to convert all our vehicles to Biofuel. We’re committed to increasing this switch to green energy for all our sakes.


When Button mushrooms grow up they become Closed Cup mushrooms. When they fully mature their tops widen and are then called Breakfast Flats. They’re packed with valuable nutrients for your daily diet.

Vitamin D
Most of us didn’t know (till now) that mushrooms are the ONLY fruit or vegetable that naturally contain Vitamin D. How about that for compensation for our lack of sunshine! In the same way our bodies convert sunlight into Vitamin D, mushrooms contain a plant sterol which changes to Vitamin D when exposed to light.


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